About company

Mr. Suruga, founder, Tokyo Instruments Inc. (left), Mr. Bartels, President of SPECS

March 2017

Trading company SPECS-TII Rus was founded in February 2018 by the SPECS GmbH (Germany) - a world leader in the manufacture of equipment for surface analysis and Tokyo Instruments, Inc. (Japan) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of optical, laser systems and components. In the framework of cooperation and business development of SPECS GmbH and Tokyo Instruments, Inc. we agreed to open offices in the US, China and Russia in 2017-2018. SPECS-TII Rus has access to the most advanced Japanese and German technology and is ready to offer its customers a wide range of analytical and technological equipment, components for the production and modernization of optical and spectroscopic systems, spare parts, raw materials for high-techindustries and scientific experiments, also SPECS-

TII Rus carries out works on commissioning of equipment, training of operators, provide technical support, warranty and post-warranty service.

Company structure

SPECS-TII Rus CEO - Tsunetaka Kawabe

SPECS-TII Rus    |  123001, Moscow, Bolshaya Sadovaya str., 5   |      Tel.: +7 (495) 920-90-05     |     E-mail: info@specs-tii.ru