The SPECS EnviroESCA is  a novel and smart analysis tool, that overcomes the barriers of standard XPS systems by enabling analyses at pressures far above UHV. EnviroESCA is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and the life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics.

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Gas atomization system

With the development of additive technologies, gas atomization systems are increasingly used both in large industries and in small scientific laboratories. Unfortunately, these systems are huge, expensive and difficult to operate.
So it was until nowadays.
The SPECS-TII Rus in cooperation with the Polish partners 3D-Lab are ready to offer the most unique atomizer no larger than an office cabinet!

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Laser physics laboratory complex 

Higher education instituts face the task of training highly qualified specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge in their field.
SPECS-TII Rus together with Belarusian partners LOTIS TII are ready to offer a laser physics laboratory stand with specially designed laboratory workshops!

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Cryostat for spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometry is increasingly used in the study of protein, chemical and biochemical studies.
To expand your research capabilities, SPECS-TII Rus works with its Japanese founders  UNISOKU Co., Ltd offers to supplement your laboratory with a cryostat that does not require vacuum and with the possibility of dynamic research.



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Diffraction analysis

The structure in the study of various materials plays a huge role. But large installations take up a lot of space, and compact systems are very demanding in time. 
SPECS-TII Rus together with North American partners PROTO are ready to offer its customers a system for determining the orientation of single crystals, which is a combination of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

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